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Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Shoes

You won’t believe how good you'll feel in our shoes!

Winfield Pharmacy has Certified Therapeutic Shoe Fitters on staff. We received our Accreditation as a Medicare Supplier in 2011 from The Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification. We will work closely with your physician to insure we are providing the right shoes and insoles for your particular feet. We appreciate that you chose to come in and hope that you will not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 620-221-0450.

Why Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic foot ulcers are the most common complication leading to hospitalization for diabetic patients. The shoes are designed with more room to protect your feet, reinforced heel and toe, and come in different shapes and widths to accommodate differently shaped feet. Studies show that the well fitted diabetic shoes with moldable insoles reduce the development of ulcers and sores. By starting preventative measures early, it is possible to avoid later foot complications and will enable you to maintain an independent, active lifestyle.

Specialized packaging can also be used for our at home customers to help you keep track of your medications.

How will they be paid for?

Medicare Patients: In 1996 Medicare began providing insurance coverage for Diabetic Shoes and Insoles because they work to prevent ulcers and sores - the most common complication leading to hospitalization for diabetic patients.

Medicare will provide coverage for one pair of shoes and three pair of insoles per year. Medicare will pay 80% of the price they allow and you are responsible for the remaining 20%. If you have a secondary insurance they will typically cover the cost of the co-insurance. Medicare allows a patient to receive a new pair of shoes with three pair of diabetic insoles every calendar year.

Diabetic Shoe Document Downloads

Download Diabetic Shoes Quick Reference Guide

Download Apex Footwear Catalog

Download Statement of Certifying Physician Diabetic Therapeutic Footwear

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